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MAVERICK is an eighteen-year-old, 16.2hh, Appendix gelding. He’s our gentle giant. Whether you’re looking to work in the ring, ride the trails or spend a day hanging out at the barn, Mav is your guy. His cool, calm demeanor and his unflappable personality make him a great horse for beginners.


JACK is an eleven-year-old, 15.2hh, grade quarter horse gelding. He has extensive knowledge under saddle, making him the perfect mount for an intermediate or advanced rider with soft hands and a willingness to work. On the ground, Jack leads quietly and will stand all day to be brushed and doted upon. With the right rider, he has huge potential to clean up in all three rings.

FERGUS (Cedars Augustus John) is a thirteen-year-old, 15.1hh, registered Connemara gelding. He’s the horse that everyone wants in their barn. He’s handsome, he’s safe and he’s even “grandma approved.” Fergus is exceptional with our beginner riders, but he’s also a fun mount for an experienced rider to get on and enjoy, with a sitting trot to die for and a rocking horse canter.

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PEANUT is a Texas-born and bred eleven-year-old, 14.1hh, registered quarter pony gelding. Don’t let his small stature fool you, though. This little man is bold and confident, capable of taking his rider over even the most daunting fences. Peanut is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders and is available for half or full lease, as well as lessons. He’s the perfect partner for someone looking to excel in the jumper ring who isn’t afraid of a little bit of motor.

ZOLA is a 14.1hh, older teen, grade quarter pony mare. She’s a huge asset to FRC’s lesson program, with her calm demeanor and friendly attitude. This sweet girl is one of our most gentle lesson horses, perfect for first-time riders and kids looking to perfect their walk-trot. With her age, Zola is best suited for the walk-trot life. She spends her days at FRC training the next generation of young riders and preparing them for their next mounts. While Zola excels in our lesson program, we feel that she'd like to eventually find her own person.

ICONIC is a six-year-old, 15.2hh, registered Appaloosa gelding. He’s one of the most versatile horses in our barn, capable of packing around younger riders through their first time cantering and over fences, while also being competitive in the dressage and hunter/jumper rings. Handsome under saddle, with three floaty gaits, auto changes and a head-turning coat, Ike’s sure to take his riders to the ribbons.

CAPRI, a 25-year-old, 17.1hh, Thoroughbred mare (Jockey Club name Priscilla's Way) is the ultimate schoolmaster. Whether you're an advanced rider looking to finetune your skills in the show ring or a beginner who's never ridden before, she's the perfect mount. Experienced in all three rings, this gorgeous girl has a big, beautiful, floaty step that's to die for, making her one of our barn favorites.

HARTLEY is a fifteen-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. Safe, gentle and responsive, he's a great fit for first-timers, as well as intermediate riders who want to fine tune their aids in the saddle. Hartley loves jumping and pole work.

SMARTIE, a thoroughbred gelding, has a sweet, calm demeanor and a floaty, to-die-for trot. Just seven years old, he's still a bit green and needs finishing in the canter and over fences.

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ODIE is a ten-year-old, 16.2hh registered chestnut thoroughbred gelding, with a big white blaze and a goofy face. His puppy dog personality is best matched by his tongue, which hangs out of his mouth on all occasions and his tail, which swishes back and forth when he greets you. Under saddle, Odie is one of the calmest and most collected horses that we have in our barn. Whether he’s walking around with a beginner or jumping a course with one of our more advanced riders, he never bats an eye or takes a step out of place. Like all our horses, Odie is accustomed to loud farm machinery, barking dogs and other distractions and always conducts himself like a complete gentleman. If you’re looking for an old spirit in a young package, this sweet boy is the one for you.

ZORRO, also known around the barn simply as Z, is a nineteen-year-old, Mustang gelding, standing at just 14.2hh. He's black with a stripe and a striking Roman nose, a very woolly coat and a wild mane. Well educated on the flat and over fences, he also has lots of natural horsemanship training and is a certified good boy. He loves everyone and everything and is notably curious and engaged. Z is a temporary member of our lesson barn, on loan from his long-time owner, and is available for lessons and leasing only.

Zorro 2023-12-04.png

Our stable includes horses of various sizes, levels, and temperaments, to suit all types of riders. Please let us know if you’d like receive pricing and videos of a particular horse under saddle, or to visit our facility and meet our team.

FLAME is a foureen-year-old, 15.2hh Quarter Horse gelding. He's chestnut with a blaze and an easy going manner. This love bug is beginner-friendly and a barn favorite. Flame is a temporary member of our lesson barn, on loan from his long-time owner, and is available for lessons only. 

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