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MAVERICK is an eighteen-year-old, 16.2hh, Appendix gelding. He’s our gentle giant. Whether you’re looking to work in the ring, ride the trails or spend a day hanging out at the barn, Mav is your guy. His cool, calm demeanor and his unflappable personality make him a great horse for beginners.


Maverick came to Frenchtown Riding Club on August 18, 2022, which we now celebrate as his birthday.

Maverick was one of our first school horses.

Maverick's previous name was Goofy.

Maverick's biggest fans are Stephanie and Rhett.

Maverick has been known to let himself out of his stall on occasion.

Maverick (or "Mav," for short) sometimes likes to stick his tongue out while he's being ridden, a behavior we believe he learned from Odie.

Maverick is an Appendix, which is a cross between a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse.

To see more Maverick, visit our Instagram.

Stephanie & Mav 2023-10-28 2.jpg
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