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JACK is an eleven-year-old, 15.2hh, grade quarter horse gelding. He has extensive knowledge under saddle, making him the perfect mount for an intermediate or advanced rider with soft hands and a willingness to work. On the ground, Jack leads quietly and will stand all day to be brushed and doted upon. With the right rider, he has huge potential to clean up in all three rings.


ack's full name is Jack Frost.

Jack's color is fleabitten gray.

Jack has two dark hoofs and two light hoofs.

Jack has a very short forelock.

Jack and Peanut are best friends.

Jack and Peanut were the first two horses at Frenchtown Riding Club.

Jack's biggest fan is Ingrid.

For more Jack, visit our Instagram.

Bathing Jack 2023-08-17.jpg
Fergus & Jack by C Weckesser - 2022-09-02 1.jpeg
Jack as a unicorn 2023-06-28.jpg
Jack 2023-01-04.JPG
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