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Maddie tacking Ferg 2023-08-01.jpg
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FERGUS (Cedars Augustus John) is a thirteen-year-old, 15.1hh, registered Connemara gelding. He’s the horse that everyone wants in their barn. He’s handsome, he’s safe and he’s even “grandma approved.” Fergus is exceptional with our beginner riders, but he’s also a fun mount for an experienced rider to get on and enjoy, with a sitting trot to die for and a rocking horse canter.


Although he's an Irish breed, Fergus was born in the United States.

While Fergus does canter and jump, we often joke that he's "the slowest horse in New Jersey," due to his slow, deliberate pace with new riders.

Fergus was foaled on May 16, 2010, making him a Taurus.

Ferg's registered name is Cedars Augustus John.

His color is fleabitten grey.

Ferg us appeared in a movie, as a stunt double.

His biggest fan is Emily.

To see more Ferg, visit our Instagram.

Emily & Ferg 2023-08-21.jpg
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