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Zola with snazzy beads 2023-06-27.jpg
Sophie on Zola 2023-08-02.jpg

ZOLA is a 14.1hh, older teen, grade quarter pony mare. She’s a huge asset to FRC’s lesson program, with her calm demeanor and friendly attitude. This sweet girl is one of our most gentle lesson horses, perfect for first-time riders and kids looking to perfect their walk-trot. With her age, Zola is best suited for the walk-trot life. She spends her days at FRC training the next generation of young riders and preparing them for their next mounts. While Zola excels in our lesson program, we feel that she'd like to eventually find her own person.


Zola's best friend is Capri and Capri's best friend is Zola.

Zola's favorite treat is Swedish fish candies.

Zola's biggest fan is Sophie.

For more Zola, visit our Instagram.

Zola tries for Sophie's Doritos - 5 of 5 2023-06-22.jpg
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