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Capri August 2023.jpg
An apple for Capri 2023-08-01 3.jpg

CAPRI, a 25-year-old, 17.1hh, Thoroughbred mare (Jockey Club name Priscilla's Way) is the ultimate schoolmaster. Whether you're an advanced rider looking to finetune your skills in the show ring or a beginner who's never ridden before, she's the perfect mount. Experienced in all three rings, this gorgeous girl has a big, beautiful, floaty step that's to die for, making her one of our barn favorites.


Capri's best friend is Zola and Zola's best friend is Capri.

Capri loves to rub her head on people.

Capri is the oldest horse in our barn.

Capri's biggest fans are Caroline and Aryanna.

For more Capri, see our Instagram.

Portrait of Aryanna with Capri 2023-08-10.jpg
Annabella on Capri 2023-08-14.jpg
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