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Looking for a great home for your horse? Call us to schedule a tour of our facilities.


Standard board is $975 per month and includes:

  • Purina grain twice daily, free-choice hay, filtered water, lunch as needed.


  • Stalls cleaned daily. Water buckets emptied and rinsed.

  • Stalls fully matted, with HealthiStraw premium chopped straw bedding.


  • Stall fans and heaters provided as required.


  • Daily/nightly turnout, weather permitting.


  • Night check performed early each evening by staff.


  • 24-hour security cameras in barn.


  • Application and removal of blankets, boots, fly masks and sheets.


  • Storage space for one saddle and one tack trunk.

Boarders enjoy complimentary full use of our 85-acre grounds, 80’x200’ indoor arena and other facilities.

Laundry and mending services available.


Site is owner-occupied, with all full-time staff located in the immediate vicinity.


Other services are also available. If your or your horse has other needs, please inquire.

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